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But recently, Xiaomi and other Chinese brands are facing a lot of backlash, especially in India. Plus, the Indian government authorities banned many Chinese apps, including the Mi Browser Pro from Xiaomi. Still, there are many in-built Mi apps on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones. The new version of the MIUI will not visit this url bring with itself any banned apps. While apps need to be linked to a local telephone number and a Chinese bank account, since late 2019, Alipay has been offering tourists the possibility of making use of this service by means of the Alipay Tour Pass. In China, the most commonly used way of making payments is by using QR codes via the WeChat or Alipay apps.

Avast has always been at the forefront of virus protection and offers a really good Android and iOS app. Both UC News and NewsDog are one of the most popular news apps in India. But they also feature in the list of 52 apps released by Indian Intelligence agencies. Thankfully, there are many great news apps that you can use to replace these apps.

How To Spot & Get Rid Of Unnecessary Apps On Your Pc

Several Indian celebrities in recent days have backed the idea of deleting Chinese apps. Yoga guru Baba Ramdev tweeted a video over the weekend that showed him deleting several apps that had affiliation with China. Through its applications, Cheetah has created catalogs of user data and to the point where, if unencrypted, it’d be easy to identify users.

  • Also, you need to wait for a long time for the transfer according to the speed of your network.
  • Thankfully I came to know about this really nice app call CLONEit, which makes life easy.
  • Forty of the infected machines received a second-stage payload that appears to have targeted technology companies Samsung, Sony, Asus, Intel, VMWare, O2, Singtel, Gauselmann, Dyn, Chunghwa and Fujitsu.
  • The mobile app makes it simple to set up these Applets on your own or implement any of the community-created ones.
  • I’m talking about in the Redmi Note 5, the back of the phone lift identical to every other smartphone manufactured by Xiaomi.
  • After the recent ban on 59 Chinese Apps in India people are also uninstalling and removing other Chinese Apps.

They will have better equipment to tackle the scratch and will be able to touch up the paint instead of just melting the paint around it. The paint job of a car is typically made up of three layers. The bottom layer acts as a primer for the second layer that contains the color. The final layer on top is a clear coat that makes your car look shiny.

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The phone cleaning app not only does wonders for Android but also forWindows 10 PCsandmacOS. You can remove junk, clean your phone’s RAM, and reclaim more space using CCleaner. You can also schedule the cleaning process using this clearer app for Android. However, the Scheduler and a few other features are only available to SD Maid Pro users.

Keeping the anti-Chinese sentiments aside, removing Mi apps from your phone helps unload the unwanted bloatware. It also helps remove ads from your phone, which can be quite annoying at times. Most smartphones have an ‘Additional Settings’ option and you can choose the ‘Authorization and Revocation’ to block ads. The Indian government recently banned the Mi Browser Pro – internet browser that comes pre-installed in Xiaomi phones.

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