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THE President conferred this morning with Judge Guillermo B. Guevara, presidential prober, who called at Malacañang to submit a 14-page report on his investigation of the Monetary Board of the Central Bank in connection with alleged dollar quota anomalies. S. Ambassador Homer Ferguson, Dr. Gumercindo Garcia and Dr. Fortunato Guerrero, presidents of the Philippine Chapter of the International College of Surgeons and the Philippine College of Surgeons respectively, and Ray Higgins. The President was the guest of honor of the Philippine Government Employees Association which celebrated its tenth anniversary by holding the First Government Employees Assembly at the session hall of the Senate. The President was introduced by Mrs. Nieves Baens-del Rosario, PGEA president. Accompanying the players to the Palace were Chick Parsons, president of the Baseball Federation of Asia; Mrs. Letty Paguia, chairman of the PAAF baseball committee; and Ralph Hawkins, Marciano Villanueva, and Pablo Belmonte, committee members.

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According to the sugarcane planters, who also spoke on behalf of the Philippine Chamber of Agriculture, Jison has been of great help to the producers and it was only proper to make him a member of the PNB board of directors. They also argued that Jison was in the best position to know the policies of the PNB. December 21.—PRESIDENT Magsaysay this morning received members of the Federation of Sugarcane Planters who petitioned him to make Philippine National Bank President Arsenio Jison as member of the PNB board of directors. After the ceremonies, the President and the Ambassador exchanged toasts.

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CMIC is the successor company of the PSE’s Market Regulation Division which was tasked with trading participant regulation and surveillance. The operator of the country’s only stock exchange will focus this year on launching more and maximizing recently rolled-out financial products to deepen the capital market, an executive said.

Malacañang again explained that any importer who had brought into the Philippines any merchandise in which the 17 per cent Exchange Tax Law applied, would not have to pay any exchange tax if he cleared his documents on “trust receipts”. At the same time the importer would also not have to pay the 17 per cent import tax, if his importation arrived before January 1.

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The Securities and Exchange Commission is reviewing a petition from the Capital Markets Integrity Corp. to take over the operations of stock brokerage DW Capital Inc., whose operations had been suspended due to unauthorized trading of stocks worth around P2.6 billion. One would think that corporate regulators would act with dispatch when faced with a case where a stockbroker is suspected of committing fraud and accused of losing billions in pesos worth of clients’ money. But that doesn’t seem to the be case with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which, Biz Buzz has heard, has yet to act on the request of a stock market watchdog for the takeover of the controversial DW Capital Inc. Later the Blardonys suddenly received four promissory notes for their money issued by Jose Antonio Pery of Chartered Forex Inc. The couple said they gave no consent for their funds to be invested with a third party forex firm, as all their investments with PCCI Securities were limited to stocks or money market placements.

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Side-by-side online brokerage comparison enables you to easily chose the best deep discount, discount and prime broker in Philippines for all your online trading and online investment needs. The President, however, advised Manahan and Villa to submit the terms for approval of the secretary of finance and the MRR board of directors. The sugarcane planters further pointed out that previous presidents of the PNB were members of the board, some of them as vice-chairmen. The President said that he had already thought of making Jison a member of the board of directors but that the matter had been under study. The sugarcane planters were accompanied by Commerce Secretary Oscar Ledesma and headed by Jose Gomez. The presidential committee headed by NEC Chairman Alfredo Montelibano reached an estimate of next year’s deficiency after canvassing all provincial governors of tobacco-growing provinces on their respective stock positions. The governors have reported that their local tobacco products suitable for cigarette manufacture have already been bought.

So all the details go through the free proxy server and most of the time it is unencrypted, exposing your delicate information for prospective misuse. Verns Buckley is actually a Cebuana who joined an international modeling competition, Supermodel of the World, of the Ford Modeling Agency. She formerly attended high school at the University of San Carlos – South Campus where she used to roller skates along the neighboring boarding house and part time at their Carenderia business.

Secretary Hernandez proposed that the centers be financed from “blocked pesos” consisting of unremitted profits of branches of foreign corporations in the Philippines. Hernandez’ proposal Forex Club was in connection with the plan of Central Bank Governor Miguel Cuaderno to invest these unremitted profits amounting to about P80 million in the development of small industries.

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CMIC is the independent regulatory unit of the PSE tasked to oversee trading practices in the bourse. MARKET regulators found all broker dealers at the Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. financially resilient despite sharp losses in late August, the Securities and Exchange Commission said in a statement. Word on the street is that the client’s portfolio was liquidated by the ranking DW official without his knowledge and the proceeds were kept by the official in question. We’re told that this stockbroker is actually married to the daughter of the billionaire client who is now worth a couple of billion pesos less (not that it would impact the latter’s net worth too much though). In any case, this high net worth client—the owner of a large chain of shopping malls in Visayas and Mindanao—was shocked to learn that his holdings of Metrobank stocks (worth P2.2 billon at acquisition) were nowhere to be found. The stink is such that the Capital Markets Integrity Corp.—the independent watchdog of the Philippine Stock Exchange—recently ordered the suspension of DW Capital from trading directly or indirectly on the PSE.

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The spot audit at the start of CMIC operations equalled to 54 Trading Participants and is now down to only nine. The audits exposed the violations of rules and Securities Laws by trading participants resulting in sanctions. Since it was established, CMIC said violations of Securities Laws and Rules by stockbrokers have seen a sharp decline, a previous statement showed. Herbosa told reporters in October that they are looking into nine cases involving possible stock manipulation and insider-trading activities. Garcia said CMIC continues to monitor dubious trading activities, which it submits to the SEC.

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The outfit has been credited for its crucial role in helping unmask a series of trades made by individuals that allegedly manipulated the share price of newly listed Calata Corp. in the two weeks after its initial public offering on May 23. The SEC recently acquired a surveillance system to prevent and curb fraudulent trading activities. But investigating market irregularities is a tedious process, she said, lexatrade website adding that, The problem is in the gathering of evidence, you have to keep track of all the trades and it’s not only for a one-day period. In November 2012, the SEC sued 13 individuals, including a ranking official of the financial advisor of Calata Corp’s initial public offering, for alleged price manipulation of the farm input distributor’s stock where they enjoyed a net gain of P216.05 million.

  • Meanwhile, PSE is looking to amend the board composition of Capital Market Integrity Corp. that focuses on monitoring and policing the equities market.
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  • Northern Ireland’s power-sharing government put aside factional differences on Thursday to appeal for calm after more than a week of nightly violence partly fuelled by frustration among pro-British unionists over post-Brexit trade barriers.
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  • THE President in the evening received the members of the committee which he had created to determine the actual stock position of Virginia leaf tobacco in the country.

BIR Revenue Regulation requires all withholding agents to submit an alphalist of payees of income payments subject to creditable and final withholding taxes. It also prohibits the lumping into a single amount and account of various income payments and taxes withheld. “The behavior exhibited by the market is a clear message that investors would rather dispose of preferred shares and forgo the coupon payments rather than being top trading platforms 2020 subjected to the alphalist requirement of the BIR,” the paper said. CMIC said that during the suspension period, IACI would not be allowed to use the trading facilities of the PSE. “Thus, CMIC has withdrawn the lifting of the involuntary suspension of IACI, effective after the close of trading hours of Aug. 6,” the watchdog unit said. Inc. failed to comply with several conditions for the lifting of the trading suspension.

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We are proposing some minor amendments to the Securities Regulation Code primarily in order to increase the penalties for insider trading and also maybe to provide for the disgorgement of profits, Herbosa said. SEC Chairperson Teresita Herbosa said the regulator wants those who profited from insider trading to return their gains. This is among the proposed revisions to the Securities Regulation Code . Since starting operations, the CMIC had reported that the monthly average of violations has dropped to one from the three per broker and the number of brokers subjected to monthly spot audits fell to 9 from 54. Hence, in the billing starting March 2013, the full amount of transaction fees and the corresponding taxes will accordingly be reflected as due to the PSE and for the account of the PSE , Hans Sicat, PSE president and chief executive officer, said in a notice. In its regular meeting on March 13, the PSE board approved the adoption of the cost model setting the financial contribution to the Capital Markets Integrity Corp at a fixed amount based on its approved annual budget. Prior to the amendment, 40 percent of the transaction fees was ceded to the CMIC.

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MANILA – The Philippine Stock Exchange reduced funding for a unit tasked to oversee trading practices in the bourse. On the reported overhaul of the five-member CMIC board, Sicat clarified that this was partly due to an order from the SEC changing the definition of independent directorship. Under the new rules, CMIC’s two independent directors could not sit as independent directors in other listed companies. But why does the PSE see the need to restructure CMIC only after a year after its spin-off in the first place?

The President said that what he had discussed with Guevara was the barter of the imported garlic with the native variety. The President said that in reply to Guevara’s request to barter the imported with native garlic, he had told Guevara to send his request to the secretary of agriculture and natural resources. FINANCE Secretary Hernandez presided over a meeting of the Tax Advisory Board in the afternoon which discussed changes in the tariff rates.

The women lawyers also thanked the President for his encouragement of the participation of then colleagues in the government, particularly in the judiciary. In the office of Director Alquinto the President talked with Miss Lydia Gueco, secretary, and inquired how she was getting along in her work. The President said that he was planning to induce one of his daughters to take a secretarial course. Negado assured the President that the MWD employees would be retained in office. He explained that the board resolution did not intend to by off any employee. As a matter of fact, he said, no employee had been fired except one who had been removed from office for cause.

The President said the new body is charged with the responsibility of reorganizing the existing system of taxation. He told newsmen that the creation of the board was prompted by the reported confusion in the tax policy of the Administration following announcement last Monday that tic President was against any increase in taxes. During the impromptu press conference, the President signed Administrative Order No. 160, creating a tax advisory board which will undertake studies of possible reforms in the present system of taxation.

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